How to Clean Telescope Eyepieces

I will show you how to clean my telescope eyepieces in this episode. And while eyepieces are generally maintenance-free, it’s good practice to keep your eyepieces clean. Over time, the oils on our skin will make the housing of our eyepieces sticky and this can attract dirt. Oils can also get on the lens which makes for a blurry view.

Here are the tools I will use in this video:

Squeeze bulb air blower

  1. Brush:
  2. Cotton swabs
  3. Microfibre cloth
  4. Alcohol
  5. Lenspen lens cleaner:

Pocket Sky Atlas:

Sky Maps:

Celestron Advanced VX & Explore Scientific ED 102 Assembly

In my unboxing video, I just winged the assembly but I thought I was still able to assemble it somewhat, but I wasn’t sure what I was really doing. I didn’t know what that alignment peg was for, and what these two knobs were for.  So in this video, I go into more detail about the assembly of the mount, according to Celestron’s instruction manual. I also say goodbye to my Skywatcher Dobsonian telescope. 🙁

DIY Dobsonian Light Shroud:…

Celestron AVX Product Link:

ES ED 102 Product Link: